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Download Service

Product templates for Do-It-Yourself Designing

Use our templates to create your own designs from scratch with your graphic program. The owayo manufacturing logos included within the templates are fixed elements and cannot be removed. If you must part with our manufacturing logos in the templates, please contact our service team at [email protected] .

Layout Sketches:

zip (winzip) pdf (pdf) corel (corel) ai (ai)
shortsleeve jersey and shorts - download pdf download cdr download ai
longsleeve jersey and shorts - download pdf download cdr download ai
socks - download pdf download cdr download ai

Size Chart

zip (winzip) pdf (pdf) corel (corel) ai (ai)
Size chart inches - download pdf - -
Size chart centimeter - download pdf - -

Price Lists:

zip (winzip) pdf (pdf) corel (corel) ai (ai)
€ Australia - download pdf - -
€ New Zealand - download pdf - -
€ Europe - download pdf - -
$ USA - download pdf - -

Club Rebate:

zip (winzip) pdf (pdf) corel (corel) ai (ai)
athletic club rebate - download pdf - -

Washing Instructions

zip (winzip) pdf (pdf) corel (corel) ai (ai)
Washing instructions - download pdf - -
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